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Sounds Like A Latte. Smooth Enough To Do The Trick!

I figured I’d venture out a tad and try something different…
This year instead of baking or deep frying a turkey or spending hours making sure the gumbo is juuuuust right, we have decided to not cook at all.
Yes, I will likely be the guy watching you from the Starbucks kiosk as you scramble last minute around Tom Thumb searching for celery, canned string beans, and opting for Smuckers Jelly instead of cranberry sauce.
I don’t plan on shopping on Black Friday either, mind you. I’m taking this paid time off to relax. We didn’t invite anyone over; especially since we’re hosting Christmas this year. I will be forwarding all calls to my office voicemail. However, I will be enjoying a new concept, the flavored cigar. My wife doesn’t like the standard robustos inside our humidor so I figured we’d rotate one of her newfound guilty pleasures, Vanilla and Caramel. Sounds like a latte, yet smooth enough to do the trick.
Simply put, I’m chillaxin’ this Thanksgiving holiday. Today will include football, Netflix, and embossing my rear end into my recliner. All of this will take place along with the sweet mist of a flavored Drew Estate flowing throughout the den. Dinner you ask? Oh that’s simple….whichever nearly expired leftover my wife and I decide to reheat for the 3rd time 🙂
Happy Thanksgiving From All Of Us Here At Tobacco Lane!