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It’s January 2016 And I’m Still Fat…

StillFatThis is the thought in many people’s mind at the turn of each New Year. That means another year has come and gone without much progress being made. Even if our New Year’s Resolution wasn’t health-related, many of us have plateaued in our course toward personal growth and development.

But alas! The New Year is an opportunity to reignite your passions and explore new interests.

This year it will be different. Instead of making promises to ourselves that we know we don’t have the willpower or resources to keep, let’s just going to go with the flow! At the end of the day, that’s essentially what ends up happening away. I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan or set goals. Rather, I’m saying make realistic expectations to simply be the best person you can be day in and day out. Sprinkle in a few healthy decisions here and there, make it a habit to daydreaming every once in a while, and read the most random book you can find.

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value.” – Albert Einstein.

Any success I’ve ever had always started from doing something totally out of the norm. Spontaneity can reveal thigs about us that we didn’t know rested within us. Taking a leap of faith or stepping outside our comfort zone can help to develop the methods of accountability we need to form consistency.

Cup half-full you say? Not the slightest! Here’s the sum of it all: Life is too short for irresponsible resolutions. Life is just long enough to live each day as it comes. Incorporate small changes, micro goals, and spontaneous activities into your days and weeks. For many of us this will be a great strategy to obtain the small victories first before tackling the grand master plan!

Enjoy every moment of your 2016.